Jonathan is an excellent acupuncturist...

"Jonathan is an excellent acupuncturist. Having grown up receiving acupuncture regularly from my father, I was happy to find such a skilled practitioner in the Valley. Jonathan spends a generous amount of time on each client and I know I appreciate the personal attention. Jonathan has treated me for knee pain, back pain, colds, menstrual cramps, and fatigue. Every issue I have come in for has quickly improved and the next day I feel wonderful. My husband also sees Jonathan and has the same great results that I have. Several of my friends send their children to Jonathan and the kids love it since Jonathan has a calming effect and there are no needles inserted into the skin. I highly recommend Jonathan for his skill and quick results." August 29, 2008

Vanessa Burgos, M.Ed.

Jonathan is a very knowledgeable acuptuncturist...

"Jonathan is a very knowledgeable acupuncturist that delivers results. I highly recommend his work to those that are in need of unique healing results." December 23, 2008

Erik Skar

If someone told you that acuptuncture was painless...

"If someone told you that acupuncture was painless and could do great things for your health, would you believe them? Until recently, I would have thought they were crazy. I can tell you from my experience, acupuncture with Jonathan is a deeply relaxing, pain-free experience, and that I felt greatly improved after only 1 session. His technique uses needles, but rather than inserting them, he holds the point at the surface of the skin in his treatment, a 400 year-old Japanese technique known as Toyohari Acupuncture. This makes it an ideal treatment for needle-wary adults as well as children. Jonathan is skilled in several other areas of Chinese Medicine, and his years of training and practice make him a fantastic healing resource for anything from recurring headaches, to hypertension, to hemorrhoids. I highly recommend him for treatment of any ailment that western medical practitioners have failed to correct in you." December 8, 2008

James Lawton

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