Using Self-Care to Reduce Health Costs

Moxa Classes

We have been offering a self-care class based on easy to learn techniques for boosting energy, strengthening the immune system, and easing joint and muscle pain. You will learn basic techniques for treating yourself and family members with moxibustion (medicinal herbal heat), a method that has been used in Asia for centuries to encourage home care for a variety of illnesses. It is recommended that you wear loose fitting pants for the class. You will be supplied with a complete home use kit and because the classes are kept small each participant will receive step-by-step instruction.

Qi Gong Classes energy exercises

"bring balance back to your body & mind"

We offer a basic energy cultivation class (5 Element Shamanic Qi Gong) based on Chinese classical exercises. These movements have been incorporated into Oriental Medicine as a method for people to heal themselves or deepen the healing they have received from acupuncture treatments. This is an easy to learn series of movements, which increase energy and promote internal organ healing. Please wear loose fitting clothes to the class. Step-by-step instruction will be provided and you will receive a detailed handout describing each series of movements and the healing sounds that accompany them. Be prepared to "sweat to the oldies".

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